Getting Started

In this tutorial, we will be focusing on using MetaMask since Brainiac currently does not support any other wallets.

Creating a Wallet

  • If you don’t have MetaMask installed, you can download it here. Do note that this tutorial is for the Desktop browser extension version.
  • Once installed, open the app and click Get Started and then Create a Wallet.
  • Set a password of at least 8 characters.
  • Now for the important part: MetaMask will display your secret backup phrase. This is your 12-word seed phrase and you need to save it carefully. Without your backup phrase, you may lose your wallet and funds forever.
  • Your wallet is now created, but by default, MetaMask will connect to Ethereum.

Adding Godwoken

  • First, click on Settings and then Add a new network.
You need to fill in the fields with the following:
Once you click Save, MetaMask should automatically connect to Godwoken.

Connect your Wallet

When you first visit the Brainiac app, a pop-up will ask you to connect your Web3 wallet.
  • Open the website, the interface should automatically pop up and ask you to connect your Web3 wallet. Currently, we have to use MetaMask but once WalletConnect is available you can use other wallets such as Trust Wallet.
  • Wallets secure the private keys to your crypto, which lets you authorize transactions, view balances, along with performing other essential actions on Godwoken.