Brainiac plans to evolve the protocol over several phases. The initial launch will be a trusted mechanism to provide returns for protocol users by offering dynamic APR followed by fixed APR rates. The intention is to attract a large number of users and maximise liquidity. This active user base will allow Brainiac to develop participatory governance models in line with the ever-changing DeFi landscape, engaging with its community to develop the exact model that will be used.
Announce Project ✅
  • Officially announce the project and testnet ready app publicly
  • Build community of early Brainiacs
💰 Token Public Sale
  • Finalize and publish tokenomics
  • Launch app for buying and staking $BRAIN
🚀 Mainnet Launch
  • Build components (e.g. oracles, liquidation bots) missing from testnet app
  • Determine initial asset pool and parameters for protocol
  • Design launch incentives Dry-run testing and validation
🤑 BRAIN Staking
  • Launch single sided BRAIN staking
  • Launch locked BRAIN staking for protocol fees
📱 Improve App Experience
  • Make app on mobile devices (tablets and phones)
  • Preview app without wallet connected
  • Further polish user interface
🔒 Security Audits
  • Complete at least one security audit with reputable auditors
🧑‍💼 Build Our Team
  • Hire and onboard additional staff (developers, designers and community managers)
📈 Introduce leveraged lending strategies
🪙 Introduce BAI Stable Coin
🌐 Engage the Ecosystem
  • Grow community on Discord
  • Build partnerships with other projects on Nervos Godwoken
✨ Find Product Market Fit
  • Establish good traction and growth of users and TVL