Supply Markets

  • To begin the deposit process, click on an asset in the Supply markets on the bottom right. In this example we will use UDSC|eth, a new box will open once you click on the market.

  • First, you will need to enable the asset you wish to supply. This will ask you to confirm a transaction with your wallet, there will be a small gas fee, so you will need some CKB in your wallet also.

  • Once the transaction has been confirmed, you can move on to setting the amount you would like to Supply. Assets are supplied directly from your wallet into Brainiac Finance, and will immediately start earning you interest.

  • You will not see any incoming transactions as interest accrues directly to your Supply Balance. Meaning you will see your balance slowly increase over time.

  • Remember you always have control over your assets. You can withdraw any portion of your balance to your Godwoken wallet at any time.

  • There is a 0.5% withdraw fee on the supply market to prevent flash loan attacks and mischievous participants.

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